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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 26, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the back and forth over the senate health care bill. a razor thin vote passes to get the process going as john mccain battling brain cancer makes a dramatic return to capitol hill. but there's also a new setback for the bill overnight. we're live in washington with it all. the standoff between the president and his attorney general escalating this morning. president trump again expressing regret for hiring jeff sessions. are the attorney general's days numbered? a woman rescued after spending nearly a week lost in the wilderness. hear what she ate to stay alive and the wooden hut she built for shelter. >> how a case of mistaken identity led to a football
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dallas cowboys. a good morning to you all. we begin with president trump back in washington after venturing onto the campaign stage. >> yet again. the president held a rally in youngstown, ohio, last night where he ticked off his accomplishments and claimed no other president had done anywhere near what he's done in his first six months in office. well, after a day of tweets and statements he talked about his ability to be presidential. >> with the exception of the late great abraham lincoln, i c can be more presidential than any president that's ever held this office, that i can tell you. >> all right. quite a claim there. the president also did a victory lap on health care after the senate cleared the way for the debate. >> but just a short time later the effort to
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obamacare suffered a crushing blow. >> a comprehensive proposal to replace major portions of the affordable care act failed in the senate. the vote came hours after they narrowly voted to begin debating their health care overhaul so what's next? the senate is expected to vote today on an amendment that would create a clean repeal of obamacare which wouldn't take effect, though, for two years. >> it all unfolded as john mccain made air dramatic return to washington. abc's emily rau joins us from there live, good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning. it was a roller coaster of a ride yesterday in the senate and that demonstrating the difficulty of this effort to repeal obamacare and the divisions within the republican party. >> mr. mccain -- >> reporter: less than a week after going public with his brain cancer diagnosis, senator john mccain swooping in to cast a critical vote on health care and deliver a no nonsense call to action for his senate colleagues. >> we've been spinning our wheels on
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find a way to win without help from across the aisle. that's an approach that's been employed by both sides. >> reporter: with mccain's help and a tiebreaking vote from vice president mike pence republicans narrowly voted to begin debate on their overhaul plans. protesters interrupting making their voices heard from the senate gallery and democrats joining in outside the capitol. >> how about if we fill the streets outside every republican office across america? we don't know what their bill is. they don't know what their bill is. >> reporter: president trump celebrating at a rally in ohio tuesday evening. >> we're now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. >> reporter: but that celebration short-lived. late tuesday night the senate voting on a comprehensive bill to repeal and replace much of the affordable care act.
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57-43, an indicator of the long road ahead for republicans. and today the senate will consider a separate bill to repeal obamacare with a two-year expiration date that would give lawmakers time to come up with a replacement, an idea several republicans have already said they would not support. diane and kendis. >> uphill battle for republicans on capitol hill. thank you. attorney general jeff sessions is reportedly not stepping down despite a barrage of attacks from president trump. >> sources say sessions has not spoken to the president in several days but has no plans to resign. the president says he is disappointed in sessions for recusing himself from the russia investigation this past spring and he tweeted that sessions had taken a weak position on what he called hillary clinton's crimes. but the president is refusing to say if he plans to fire the attorney general. >> he should not have recused himself. almost immediately after he took
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himself he should have told me prior to taking office and i would have quite simply picked somebody else. >> that said they have a big history. seths was the first senator to endorse candidate trump. republicans are coming to his defense, though, including fellow senator lind i graham who called the president's tweet highly inappropriate. president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort will not testify publicly. he had been called by the committee to answer questions about a meeting with russians in trump tower last june. instead, manafort and donald trump jr. have agreed to hand over documents and provide testimony in private at a later date. manafort met behind closed door tuesday with staff from a different senate committee. the house is overwhelmingly approved a package of sanctions against russia and limits the president's ability to veto it.
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trump administration officials initially said the president would sign the bill but they've since backed away from that. >> we learned north korea's nuclear capabilities may be more advanced than once thought. pentagon analysts tell "the washington post" the country may have missile capable of bringing a nuclear warhead to the u.s. as soon as next year. the defense intelligence agency says north korea is making surprising progress in its intercontinental ballistic missile program. a u.s. warship fired warning shots at an iranian boat in the persian gulf. you hear it there. the navy says the "uss thunderbolt" was operating in international waters when the iranian vessel started getting dangerously close. the americans tried to warn them off with radio calls, flares and the ship's whistle before firing those shots. now for a look at your weather. many roads in las vegas looked more like rivers during afternoon thunderstorms.
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the rain was brief but very heavy and quickly overwhelmed drainage systems. even the signs put out to warn drivers were no match for the flash flooding. they got washed away. thunderstorms are also in today's forecast. the temperature will reach mid-90s today in las vegas. the highs in the 0s along the coast, hotter inland and the southern plains, upper 90s. cooler in the midwest and northeast. well, still ahead right here, the country with a plan to ban all gas and diesel cars. and an alarming new study showing evidence of brain disease in nearly all former nfl players. plus, trapped in the woods for days. how a woman survived and the hut that she made out of wood.
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a georgia couple plans to sue a day camp after their 5-year-old son drowned during what they call insane negligence. now police say benjamin hosch died friday during an outing near a waterfall. the kids were eating lunch and splashing in the water when a chaperone noticed benjamin was missing. he was later found a short distance away. >> my wife called me, said your boy is face down -- >> their negligence killed my son. they robbed him of his life, of his potential. >> that emotional press conference there from the family. camp cricket, by the way, outside atlanta was operating without a license. it has since been shut down. the family attorney says benjamin wasn't wearing a life jacket and did not know how to swim. more than a thousand people
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a flood killed 10 members of their arizona family. after the funeral service you can see the ten white hearses pulling away from the church for the procession to the cemetery. three generations, grandmother, aunts, uncles, children and grandchildren were all washed away in that flash flood earlier this month in the tonto national forest. >> quite an image seeing all of those hearses there pulling away. whole entire family. a court appearance for the third highest vatican official, he's facing sex abuse charges in his native australia. cardinal george pell is the pope's top financial adviser. he's charged with sexually abusing multiple people years ago. pell has not entered a plea but his attorney told the court in melbourne today that pell plans to plead not guilty. president trump says apple will build three big factories in the u.s., however, in the interview with "the wall street journal," he didn't say where or when they would be built. apple hasn't commented. the co
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factory in ireland and outsources the rest of its manufacturing mostly to china. something president trump often criticized during the campaign. and britain is about to ban all new internal combustion vehicles from its roads. it is intended to tackle air pollution and would take effect in 2040. it does not require existing gas and diesel-powered cars to be taken off the road or be charged any extra for driving into cities. there's already a trend in europe, though, toward electric vehicles. the girl scouts are now working to increase the number of girls interested in technology. the organization has added nearly two dozen new badges related to science, tech, engineering and math. those badges can be earned through activities like programming robots and writing computer codes. they will be available to members over the next two years at least. when we come back the family of a young american woman who mysteriously died at a mexican resort is sharing their tragic story in an abc news exclusive.
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dramatic takedown of a man with a knife. how that plays out.
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one laugh, and hello so i tried always discreet.
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ection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. an investigation is under way in northern california after six adults and three children were left stranded on this monorail. the train at the gilroy gardens theme park was stuck for about 90 minutes. everyone is okay but officials still aren't sure why the ride broke down. >> seems like we have one of these stories every day. drivers in much of the west may wish they were above ground because of flooded roads there. roads will also be wet in the upper midwest and in most of the southeast. and a new report from boston university showing a strong link between football and brain injuries. >> yeah, researchers studied the brains of more than 200 deceased football players from high school level to the nfl. 87% of them showed evidence of cte.
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were examined, 110 of them also showing evidence of the degenerative disease. that's 99%. >> they're much higher than it would be expected if we did all the nfl players. but they do say this disease can more common than we anticipated. it's common. >> an nfl statement says the league is committed to continuing its work with a wide range of experts to improve the health of current and former players. a wisconsin family is suing a mexican resort after the death of their 20-year-old daughter. abbey conner was discovered face down in a swimming pool in playa del carmen, mexico. her brother blacked out in the pool but survived. both had blood alcohol levels above 0.2, the conners and other families believe mexican resorts are serving tourists tainted alcohol. >> the bartender pours out a line of shots and they come all the way down and i take one and, you know,
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the last thing i remember was just like we are right now sitting here talking and lights went out and i woke up in the ambulance. >> mexican officials say they've seized more than 1 million gallons of tainted alcohol from businesses in the past seven years. mexico's health ministry tells abc news there are no records of tainted alcohol at the resort where conner died. spanish police found a creative way to subdue an upset man at a border crossing without any injuries. now, he was armed with a large knife and started allegedly yelling god is great in arabic at the border with morocco so police surrounded him and then one of them found a weapon of his own, a plastic barrier. you can see he throws it at the man and manage to arrest him. he's believed to be a moroccan citizen. for the first time we're hearing from a woman would survived nearly a week alone in the wilderness of washington state. jean gear went to olympic national park to scatter t
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she says she became disoriented and got lost. jean and her dog kept her warm -- kept each other warm first night in the woods but two days foo her ordeal she built a shelter out of branches and moss. she ate pine needle, berries and an ant that was biting her. >> take that, ant. >> i go, wait a second. i have a bigger mouth than you so i'll eat you so i ate it. i go, what, that was a strange thought, jean. and i did eat it, though. >> i love her. >> interesting spirit there. jean drank stream water a couple of times of day. she was rescued by helicopter crews six days after getting lost. all right, time for sports now. >> let's turn to espn. good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett, neil everett, baseball. >> yeah. >> you're hitting leadoff. >> tweet stan. we're trying to gauge
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popular the segment is. cleveland hosting the angels. ben revere top ten and that's old zimmer who hit a grand slam earlier in the game. and the indians hadn't had two grand slaps in a game since 1999. well, they got a walkoff grand slam from edwin encarnacion in the bottom of the 11th. two grand slams, cleveland, walkoff, 11-7. cardinals taking on the rockies. harrison bader, his mom and dad were there for his debut. bottom nine, bader up with nobody out, that will be good for a double. his first major league hit. puts him in scoring position. jed jerko up. carlos gonzalez is going to squeeze it and he's coming home. so is bader. bader is in there. he scores, cardinals win it 3-2. a game he'll never forget. >> up next in "the pulse," an nfl player cut from his team
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♪ time for "the pulse" starting with the strange story of former dallas cowboys receiver lucky whitehead. >> his name, lucky. he wasn't so lucky. he was released on monday after reports that he was arrested for stealing items from a convenience store in virginia last month. but whitehead's agent claims that he wasn't in virginia at the time of the robbery and police now say the man they arrested falsely used whitehead's identity, even providing his date of birth, his social security number. the cops in virginia areow
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identity. >> but the cowboys are standing by their decision saying an accumulation of events led to whitehead's release. now we're off to the ballpark for one father's value yapt effort to catch a foul ball. >> he certainly did try. check out dad. he drops his drink and then, oh, still misses the ball. this is at a texas rangers game. he can't make the catch. you see it bounce away >> that's not the worst part. this is. his son's disappointment is obvious. the kid is not happy about missing out on the ball and, yep, his face tells it all. at least they watch the rangers beat the marlins. >> yeah. >> consolation. >> i don't know if he was too happy about that anyway. a baby who made a dramatic entrance into the world celebrated her first birthday with the man who helped make that happen. >> this is probably one of my favorite stories of the day. the last 24 hours. here you have evelyn hall of texas who had a tea party with the police officer who
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her in a gas station parking lot. now, apparently evelyn's parents were racing to the hospital but couldn't make it in time and that's when the officer, mark dibolt stepped in. >> the two have bonded and in this case they celebrated evelyn's birthday with a teacup and had a great time clinging cups. >> she won't remember that party but i'm sure she'll have plenty of stories about it later. >> he feels very comfortable at the table. something tells me he's done it before. >> more news after this. up withd morning washington. it's july 26th and we have made it to hump day. your forecast is moments away-- but first here is a quick look at this morning's top story. a call for
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cooperation from senator john mccain-- as he returns to capitol hill just days after being diagnosed with brain cancer. the arizona senator joined his fellow republicans in narrowly passing a bill to begin debating a repeal for the affordable care act. but senator mccain warned colleagues that he would not support the bill as it is right now. good morning washington. toss to eileen - another comfortable july day; spotty sprinkles - hot & humid tomorrow - weather alert friday - heavy rain & strong storms - few showers saturday, sunday looks great! today: partly to mostly cloudy. increasing humidity. spotty showers. highs: 80-85 winds: se 5 mph tonight: milder and muggy. partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 67-72 winds: s 5 mph thursday: partly sunny. warmer and
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highs: 86-90 winds: s 5-10 mph in the district-- a secret service officer is
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recovering from a gunshot wound this morning after accidentally shooting himself! this h
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the 11-hundred block of "l" street northwest. the injuries are not life threatening. no one under secret service protection was there at the time. but exactly what happened -- is under investigation right now. a warning at two popular montgomery county lakes-- keep your pets away! green algae is causing concern at lake needwood and lake frank --- both in derwood. vistors are encouraged to keep pets on a leash and away from the water. the rootless plant emits a toxin which can harm both human and animal livers. this is the eighth consecutive year this toxin has been an issue. we are learning more about this year's "marine corps marathon". organizers finally releasing the details-- so you can start making plans. with safetrack over -- metro will open at six a-m on sunday, october 22nd for this year's race. both the marathon and the 10-k will start at seven-55. the marathon begins where it always does, on route one-10 between arlington national cemetery and the pentagon. the 10-k will start at 12th and madison drive. for complete details head to w-j-l-a dot-com.
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started. embracing debate on capitol hill. lawmakers move forward with a push to repeal the affordable care act. what happens next-- and what some lawmakers are demanding before they vote yes on this bill. good morning washington. - another comfortable july day; spotty sprinkles - hot & humid tomorrow - weather alert friday - heavy rain & strong storms - few showers saturday, sunday looks great! today: partly to mostly cloudy. increasing humidity. spotty showers. highs: 80-85 winds: se 5 mph tonight: milder and muggy. partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 67-72 winds: s 5 mph thursday: partly sunny. warmer and more humid. pm thunderstorm possible. highs: 86-90 winds: s 5-10 mph
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developing now on capitol hill--